Telecomputing Resume

Christian E. Stalberg


1980 Introduction to Computer Programming, Roots, Santa Rosa, CA
1986 B.A. Environmental Studies & Planning, Sonoma State University – Rohnert Park, CA
2020 M.S. Biomimicry, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ


2005 ITIL Fundamentals, EXIN, Raleigh, NC
2005 Java Programming Essentials, Global Knowledge, Arlington, VA
2005 Mastering Web Databases, Global Knowledge, Cary, NC
2004 Security Awareness & Literacy – Office of Information Technology Services, Raleigh, NC
2003 November Employee of the Month – Office of Information Technology Services, Raleigh
1992 Advanced Revelation Developer Course, San Francisco, CA
1989 Leadership Training, International Exchange Association, Colorado Springs, CO
1985 California Energy Commission, School Energy Auditor Certification, Sacramento, CA
1984 Board Training, North American Students for Cooperation, Berkeley, CA


Operating Systems: CPM; DOS; OS/2; UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, SGI, Linux, Irix; Ubuntu); Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/8/10 Advanced Server 2003/XP/7
Networking:Traceroute; Ping; Dig; Whois; Nslookup; ssh; finger; telnet; nmap; netstat
Security:Snort; Snoop; Nessus; ISS Internet Scanner; Tripwire; Nmap; URLscan; MBSA; IIS Lockdown Tool; Cactus VPN; GFI Network Server Monitor; MS AntiSpyware; AVG Anti-Virus; ZoneAlarm; Norton Internet Security; Norton AntiVirus
Languages:Ontyme EXEC; Perl; shell scripting (ksh, sh, csh); Basic; Pascal; Python; C; C#; SQL; VB; ASP; ASP.NET; JSP; PHP; HTML; DHTML; CSS; SSI; JavaScript
Standards:Section 508; W3C Web Accessibility; ITIL; CMMI
Social Media:Facebook; Twitter; Linkedin; Instagram
Software:Analog; Apache; BIND; Bobby; Cold Fusion; Contribute 3; Dreamweaver Studio MX; Drupal; Firefox; Frontpage; Filezilla; ftp; Google docs; Gmail; Internet Information Server; Internet Explorer; IRC; MailChimp; Mailman; Majordomo; Majorcool; Office; Project; Mosaic; mSQL; MySQL; Nationbuilder; Netscape Directory Server; Netscape Enterprise; Netscape Messaging; Netscape Navigator; NetTracker; Opera; Paint Shop Pro; Photoshop; Procmail; sendmail; sftp; SmartList; SQL Server; SWISH; Urchin; Vi; Visio; Visual SourceSafe; Visual Studio; Visual Studio .NET; Verity Ultraseek; Webalizer; WebTrends; Wordpress; wwwcount; Ubercart; Xenu.


d.b.a. Web Analysts, Oakland, CA

April 2006 – present

Web Developer/Administrator

Provide web development and server hosting to private and public sectors clients. Focus on Drupal and WordPress frameworks for customer’s websites.

  • Websites designed, developed and hosted, with and without ecommerce, include:;;;;;
  • Southcoast Health System & Southcoast Hospitals Group – installation, configuration and management of a fundraising on-line auction site using ColdFusion, MySQL and Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES on a dedicated server. Application includes a secure server payment system requiring creation and installation of a secure server certificate for SSL.
  • Remote administration of three, 1U servers running Fedora Core Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES located at Peak 10 data center in Research Triangle Park. Applications management including Apache, Drupal, MySQL, Mailman, WordPress, Sendmail, Qpopper, and Usermin. Operating system maintenance using Yum and rpm.

Office of Information Technology Services, State of North Carolina – Raleigh, NC

June 2004 – April 2006

Developer/Analyst, Web Services

Capacity planning, management and administration of both shared and dedicated multi-tiered Linux, Solaris and Windows-based web servers for state and local government clients. Duties included: training customers in web page maintenance and publishing; capacity planning (traffic projections, server sizing, scalability testing, load balancing); systems architecture (n-tier including proxy, web, application and database servers); firewall rules (ports/protocols for server interconnectivity, monitoring tools, VIP/NAT/PAT); security (server lock down; Tripwire; file modification monitoring and alerting); technology evaluations (best of breed versus integrated, custom versus COTS; open source versus proprietary). Maintained official state web portal ( and search engine (; provision development, staging and production web servers; code web-based forms in Perl and ASP; support customer content publishing (Frontpage, Dreamweaver/Contribute); administer server-based web analytics tools (Webtrends, Urchin, Analog); maintain web server security (account password rotation); and provide web applications and server accounts support via email and phone based on iwise trouble/request ticketing system through the ITS customer support center.

Office of Information Technology Services, State of North Carolina – Raleigh, NC

January 2003 – June 2004

Team Lead, Web Services

Lead team of 5 developers and 1 contractor working on multiple web projects; management and administration of over 100 servers on-site serving millions of users, including the state portal; laison with ITS and other agency managers/directors regarding web services; gather business requirements; develop technical specifications; prepare written reports; conduct technology evaluations; establish technical standards; evaluate software; secure applications; architect N-tier solutions; prepare cost estimates; responsible for $500K section budget and remaining break-even; serve on several agency committee’s including firewall, vulnerability mgmt, patch mgmt, change mgmt, and state portal.

Office of Information Technology Services, State of North Carolina – Raleigh, NC

February 2002 – January 2003

Unix Systems Administrator

Perform local and remote systems administration of Sun Solaris servers. Responsibilities included Perl and UNIX shell scripting, installation and maintenance of server applications, libraries and tools including Bind(DNS), sendmail, Netscape iPlanet and Apache web servers, Majordomo, Majorcool, Perl, and procmail.

Diversified Network Applications – Research Triangle Park, NC

June 1995 – July 2001

Various, see below

Project manager, systems administrator, web developer and business systems analyst for an Internet business, web development, server hosting and consulting company. Served as systems administrator for company’s web hosting business (which was sold in Spring 2001) having 250 web server customers across twelve countries at its peak. Duties included: installation/configuration/management of multiple servers including Apache, IIS, Netscape Messaging, Netscape Enterprise, sendmail, BIND, FTP, Majordomo, Procmail, SmartList, wwwcount, mSQL, MySQL, Frontpage Server Extensions, IRC, Analog; routine application of Y2K and security patches to NT, Irix and Solaris operating systems; creating and managing a disaster recovery plan; user management/administration; domain name registration; CGI applications installed/configured for clients. Examples of off-site and on-site consulting projects included:

Acterna, December 1999 – July 2001

Project Manager

Project lead for Acterna’s entry into ecommerce and conversion/re-architecture of their web-publishing environment (currently 40 servers hosting ~2,000 files each). Defined business and technical requirements for secure ecommerce application using IIS and SQL Server on Windows NT 4.0. Ecommerce application required secure on-line purchasing of downloadable software products by customers in the United States. Software is delivered on-line through Digital Island’s private worldwide ATM network. Cybersource, the premier payment processor for the Fortune 500, provided payment processing, taxation and fraud detection services. Duties included: managing a team of 4 developers; defining business requirements for integrating with existing sales, accounting, inventory, and fulfillment departments; IIS installation/configuration; set ACLs for server directories; set-up DSN for web server to access SQL Server database; setting user/group permissions; DNS entries/management; virtual secure and insecure web server installation/configuration; secure server certificate procurement/installation; wrote test plans, tracked bug fixes; Perl library installation; Perl script installation; Visual SourceSafe; HTML; CSS; ASP; graphics manipulation/placement.

Project lead for Acterna’s conversion/re-architecture of their web-publishing environment using IIS for development, test, staging and production servers. Web publishing requirements included supporting the publishing activities of 40 sales offices and integrating product pages and other content from corporate while eliminating file replication across web servers thereby reducing the total number files from 85,000 to 2,000. Served as project liaison to Ogilvy Interactive for new Acterna web site launch in Fall 2000 (result of merger between Wavetek, Wandel Goltermann and TTC) requiring conversion of approximately 5,000 web pages from the two company’s web sites into one using altogether new graphics, branding and information architecture. Duties included: managing a team of ~12 developers, graphic designers and analysts; wrote/maintained project plan/changes; conducted project team meetings; installed Frontpage Server Extensions; upgraded Infoseek search engine to Ultraseek Server; built search engine indexes and search form web pages.

North Carolina Community Colleges System, April 1999 – June 1999

Systems Administrator/Web Developer

Complete reconstitution of North Carolina Community Colleges System’s use of the World Wide Web for information collection and dissemination to and from its constituents, including students, college administrators, and state and federal agencies. Tasks included: performed business requirements analysis via eight focus groups and on on-line survey; recommending search engine for web site; developing an agency-wide web authoring, publishing and maintenance strategy; developing web publishing and site management policies and procedures; installing/configuring Apache web server on AIX; installing/configuring Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions; development of FrontPage 2000 training curriculum; and team-teaching FrontPage 2000 class. Ongoing post-sales technical support.

Nortel Networks, May 1998 – December 1998

Business Systems Analyst

Conducted a comprehensive study of Nortel’s use of Intranet technology within their Signaling Solutions Group division (Ottawa and Research Triangle Park), including focus groups, interviews, online surveys, and web servers’ analysis. Implementation of study recommendations followed which included consolidating multiple web servers, deploying web maintenance tools, and redesigning Web-accessible content for various departments including marketing, documentation, software design and test, and business development. Platforms: HP-UX. Applications: Apache 1.3.12. Languages: Perl.

d.b.a. Christian E. Stalberg, various locations

1982 – 1995

Independent Consultant

Provide a variety of services to clients in both the private and public sectors. Examples include:

  • State of Florida ‑ provided technical assistance to Governor’s Community Redevelopment Task Force on the design and development of a management information system in Microsoft Access for tracking $22 million in HUD funds for post-disaster redevelopment projects.
  • JMS North America – served as field project manager for JMS North America’s evaluation of Nextel Communication’s ESMR (wireless) greater Los Angeles network for MCI Communications Corporation.
  • Pan American Health Organization ‑ conducted electronic mail feasibility study for the organization’s day‑to‑day operations in the Western Hemisphere. Conducted user training for PAHO staff in Lima, Peru on use of international packet switching networks to access MEDLINE.
  • Union of International Associations ‑ evaluated international computer communication network services for use by the UIA, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Apple Computer Corporation ‑ performed strategic assessment of emerging technologies (electronic performance support systems) for Apple’s Advanced Technology Group. Wrote a user manual for Apple’s Corporate Grants OnTyme electronic messaging network.


Advanced Class FCC Amateur Radio License N6DJR

Planning Council member for International Informatics Access which organized three conferences: 1987 (Dallas); 1993 (Budapest); and, 1997 (Singapore).

Participant in think tank at Apple Computer in 1985 entitled “Low-Cost Information Sharing: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going”. Other attendees included Stewart Brand, Jacque Vallee and Lee Felsenstein.

Presenter at numerous telecomputing conferences, including FIDOCON, Pacific Telecommunications Council, Caribbean Telecommunications Council, International Informatics Access, and The International Emergency Management and Engineering Society.

Publications include “Digital Telematics: Present and Future”, Telematics and Informatics, Vol. 4, No. 3 (1987); “Field Communication Systems: Considerations for Developing Countries”, Telematics and Informatics, Vol. 7, No. 2 (1990); “The Internet: Is it a Replicable Technological and Social Phenomenon for Central Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States?”, Telematics and Informatics, Vol. 11, No. 1 (1994); “The Intelligent City and Emergency Management in the 21st Century”, Proceedings: The International Emergency Management and Engineering Conference, April 18-21, 1994; “Disaster Patrol: New Laws and a Change in Policy at FEMA Are Putting Hazard Mitigation on a Better Footing”, Planning, Vol. 61, No. 2 (1995); “Documenting Disaster Recovery Costs”, Government Finance Review, December 01, 1992.

Founder and former Chair of the Research Triangle Park chapter of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility 2001-2004 (see