The Mystery Behind a Photo of a Logged Old-Growth Tree

Cutting an ancestral tree like this should be a crime, not only in British Columbia, but worldwide. We know that old growth forests sequester more carbon than young forests. These ancient giants dwarf our cleverness and can be relied upon to maintain the Earth’s carbon cycle, if only we would let them.

‘Vegan spider silk’ provides sustainable alternative to single-use plastics

It is high time that benign substitutes for petroleum-based plastics be researched and developed. We’re poisoning the living earth, especially the oceans, and ourselves, with plastics pollution. Green chemistry and biomimicry hold great promise for homo sapiens most vexing challenges. Now if we can shift the funding from nuclear weapons modernization to life giving R&D producing products like this, we can leave our descendants a livable Earth. #materials #plastics #biomimicry #spiders #silk #petroleum #pollutionprevention #innovation #ecology #greenchemistry

A People’s Guide to the War Industry

A People’s Guide to the War Industry is an excellent series about the war industry with truth telling like you’ve never heard before. Imagine if even a fraction of these resources were reallocated to just, peaceful, compassionate & caring causes…

Israel’s Settler-Colonialism Apartheid

​This is not a conflict. This is apartheid

The turkey shoot that Israel is currently conducting in Gaza today, is merely the latest ‘mowing of the lawn‘ that Israel periodically conducts. The larger issue, of Israeli state imposed apartheid, is what merits exposure which, by the way, is illegal under international law. The included article is helpful in understanding the present situation, as is Chris Hedge’s article The Zionist Colonization of Palestine.


What is happening today in India is exemplary for what extremes of capitalism and ethnic hatred can yield when left unchecked. #ModiMustResign

Ending the Greenwashing

On this Earth Day I am posting a link to an online event that was recorded on April 17th as in my opinion it speaks to what this day is supposed to be all about. While some people may have differences with the event sponsoring organization, when it comes to the other than human natural world, I admire their truth telling, as disturbing as it is, and that is why I am sharing it here.

These Self-Decapitating Sea Slugs Can Grow an Entire New Body on The Old Head

Nature is miraculous. The more we learn about our kin, what seems almost supernatural to us, causes wonder and amazement, and gives us pause. In that pause we must consider how little we know about life…really. The tragedy is that we are extincting species that could teach us the greatest lessons of life. If only we could adapt, cease harm, listen, and then emulate. #life #biomimicry #biology #regeneration